a) To establish, maintain, run, develop and improve or to make donations to educational institutions, technical, industrial or otherwise including schools, college, polytechnics, research associations, institutions, engineering college, medical college, agricultural institutions, laboratories, workshop etc. and to run hostels for any or all of the above.

b) To provide relevant education technical or otherwise, to physically mentall or socially handicapped children women and others. Without any distinction of caste, creed colour or community o as to intyegrate themselves in the society and to create a feeling that they are wanted and loved.

c) To provide formal or non-formal education for all children and adult5s without any distinction or caste, creed, colour or community.

d) To grant scholarships or loans or any other kind of assistance in cash or in kind to deserving poor students towards tuition feed, clothing, books, hostel fees and other incidental expenses for the purpose of pursuing their studies.

e) To establish, maintain, run develop extend or grant donations to libraries reading rooms, recreation centres, and other facilities as are calculated to be of use in imparting education to Indian public.

f) To organize talks, seminars, camps, and platforms or similar nature to rekindle the thoughts and encourage participation of the students community in such talks and also to bring about greater spiritual awakening students among the general public.

g) To organize fairs, exhibitions, dramas and other such performances, freedly or by collecting funds for the benefits or individual students or for the student community in general.

h) To organize Educational or similar institutions for benefit of the students, they are parents and the general public.

i) to conduct or organize study groups, and lecture series.


a) To construct, establish, maintain, run, develop and improve hospitals, clinics dispensaries, maternity homes, to help treat all people without any distinction caste, creed, colour or community as costs affordable to them, or even free of cost.

b) To Provide health care to the poor, distressed, afflicted and the physically mentally or socially handicapped persons, which include maternal and child health care, environmental sanitation, control or communicable diseases geriatric etc.


a) To carry out objects of general public utility and security, such as village upliftment, rural reconstruction public health and hygiene, community development, welfare of women and children promotion of cottage industries self employment schemes etc. and to start, establish, conduct, take over, maintain and help any institution considered necessary to secure these objects e.g. orphanages Old Age Home etc.

b)To uplift the rural public in the matter of literacy self employment awareness of health, childcare,women welfare, family welfare, and birth control programmes, control and eradication of drug addiction etc.


To give food, clothing, medicines, cash grant and other help that may be necessary to the poor and affected people in distress, affected by natural calamities such as earthquake, floods, famine etc.,


a) To build, erect and constuct and to aid and assist in the construction of houses, tenements and hostels for the benefit of poor and the children or destitute who have lost their near and dear ones in accidents in the hazardous industries.

b) To conduct poor feeding and generally to give food clothing to the poor needy and disabled and to afford relief to people in distress caused by personal accidents or affected by natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, famine epidemics and pertilence.

c) Organize donations for the support of orphanages and welfare institutions and to provide loans to poor for marriage and social obligations.

d) To establish institutions for providing technical skills to the people for enabling and encouraging them to take up self-employment.

e) To undertake the promotion of literacy among the workers and their children.

f) To arrange seminars and camps to bring out the awareness among people regarding matters affecting their health, hazards of their working conditions and other things.

g) The Trust will not interface in any political action and will not join any political party.

h) To support the Governement development programmes.

i) To get finance subsidy through the Government and utilize it for the upliftment of the rural people.

j) To try to reach the rural people about health education and protect them from the diseases.

k) To support the farmers by introducing the modern methods of their cultivation and diseases.

l) To help the rural students by giving free books and uniforms and develop the rural education standard.

m) To provide a home for destutute women and given them training in small-scale industries.

n) To help the rural orphans by forming a orphange and provide them food shelter, dress and education.

o) To conduct medical camp to help the rural people.

p) To help the rural people in family planning by explaining the merits of small family and demerits of large family.

q) To insist the rural women about the importance of education and make necessary arrangements for the women's education.

r) To develop a library where sociological research in the above and areas can be undertaker.

s) To help the rural people in solving their problems in a peaceful manner.

t) To engage in any other activity which has not been specifically mentioned so far, which shall promote the Trust's primary objective of physical, mental, social and moral development of all people without any distinction of caste, creed, colour or community.